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About Us

Changshu City Meili Town Anxin Warp Knitting Factory (Anpeng Textile Co., Ltd.) is located in Changshu, Jiangsu, a nationally recognized historical and cultural city. Established in 2011, the factory specializes in the production and sale of various knitted fabrics and finished products. The primary equipment in the factory includes German Karl Mayer HKS warp knitting machines, double-needle warp knitting machines, high-speed warping machines, and fabric inspection machines.

The company's main products include: crystal super soft, super soft short plush, sofa cloth, double-sided soft plush,Ammonia super soft, pearl velvet, inner and outer clothing materials, coral velvet, jade rabbit velvet, flannel, shell velvet, hemming cloth, dense velvet, automobile decorative cloth and various industrial cloths.

These products find extensive applications in toys, home textiles, blankets, clothing (pajamas), sofas, curtains, luggage, automotive interiors, and various industrial uses.

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